• Backend services for web and hybrid mobile apps

    Simply defined, instantly deployed, hosted Backends.

We make complex systems easy to develop

Simple interfaces, solid performance


Complex queries and fine grained security

Server Code

Business logic with Javascript functions or Webhooks


User Management, Social logins, Groups, Roles and Tenants


Upload to Test and deploy to Prod. Rollback as needed



Interactive API documentation with Swagger are always current


Upload to Test and deploy to Prod. Rollback as needed

Building with BinaryOps.io

Spend more time adding value, let us handle the backend.

BinaryOps.io is a tool that allows you to quickly define the REST API that your application needs to deliver value. Use our built-in security model or social logins and apply permissions as needed with role groups. If your app needs custom logic server-side, you can choose the implementation that suits you best, write your own Javascript functions or simple webhooks.

By following these simple steps, you can jump-start development on your next project and move on to building the frontend!

  •  Define your backend in simple JSON
  •  Upload the JSON file to your account
  •  Write your frontend code
  •  Migrate to Prod when you're ready

API Dashboard

Our dashboard makes managing your API simple.

  •  Manage Test and Prod versions of your API
  •  Create Users and assign or revoke permissions
  •  Browse your API with live documentation
  •  Upload CSV data or download with CSV or JSON
  •  Review API usage by account or by App
  •  Invite team members to work on your App

Easy to setup. Easy to get started.

All the magic that the cloud has to offer, without the complexity.