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Why are developers flocking to API services?

More people than ever before are turning to portable network devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops etc. With more people, comes more data and with everyone connected to the internet all the time, the natural place to store data is in the cloud.

Having your customer data stuck in the back-office running SQL Server 2008 and a dusty old client server app on Windows PC’s doesn’t do you any good when it’s closing time on a Saturday afternoon and you’re on the road trying to remember where your customer’s warehouse is located. You need that address now, and you have the connectivity, why not make it happen?

Mobile devices are well equipped for consuming APIs and with more to choose from than ever before it’s becoming easier for developers to find exactly what they need. Modern REST API’s are so much easier to consume than the bloated SOAP services we tolerated 10+ years ago. Many of the APIs that you’ll find online are provided by the big players such as Facebook, Twitter, Google etc, but those are about Social Networking, Maps or a hundred other things, they’re not about storing anything so boring or private as your data. That’s where we come in. We’ve designed our service from the ground up to let you model your own data and expose it as a REST API. It’s your data, but in the cloud, secured away from all of your so called ‘friends’ and packaged up in a consistent API that allows you to manage and consume it. BinaryOps is not about aggregating someone else’s data, and it’s not limited to reading a spreadsheet that you uploaded some time ago. It’s about creating, maintaining and managing something that you own – your data.

API’s have been around for 20 years but there are more of them than ever before and they’re getting better, just like the devices we use to consume them. Why not start building your API today?

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