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Why use BinaryOps for your next Application?

When it comes to building Web applications, there’s so many things to do before you can even have something to show for your efforts.

Building web apps the old way

  • Create and host database
  • Design and build your structures
  • Design user management
  • Design and apply user permissions
  • Design, build, test and document an API
  • Design, build and test the application

Anyone who’s been involved in a software development project knows how quickly costs stack up, and how much time can be spent laying the foundation on which your application is built. That’s where we come in. We’ve developed tools to define data structures, grant access, apply permissions, document and expose a fully functional API. It’s all neatly wrapped up in a scalable, hosted solution that lets you focus on building the application that you want or your clients need.


When you include BinaryOps in your development project, you quickly get to the part where you’re providing value to your clients.

Web development the BinaryOps way

  • Design your data structures
  • Apply user permissions
  • Design, build and test the application

I think it’s pretty easy to see that with the back-end handled by us, you can focus on building the front-end, and that makes everybody happy.

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