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Private Beta Announcement

After many months of discussion, design and development we're ready to release our service to a limited number of Beta users.

We want to get everything perfect but we can't do that without your help. We are looking for a number of users who share our vision of a world where building high quality secured REST APIs doesn’t involve hundreds of hours of custom development.

We’ve included a form on the website where interested users can submit their email address to be included in the Beta program. We’ll probably have a couple questions and then bounce out an email with a link to signup and get started.

We’ve developed a platform where users can define a service to use as the backend for a web or mobile project. Current service features are listed in detail on our home page, but the highlights include:

  • Data structure definition
  • Automatic endpoints for CRUD operations
  • Flexible Security model
  • Live documentation with Swagger
  • Data import & export
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Usage tracking

Our primary goal of the Beta program is to collect feedback on the features developed to date and to identify features that may be missing from the current offering. Once we’ve reviewed the feedback and addressed anything that may have been missed, we’ll open our Beta program to the public.

For everyone interested to join the Private Beta, please use the form at BinaryOps.io or contact us directly.

Cheers from the BinaryOps founders, Mark Voorberg & Wiebo Troost

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