Plans & Pricing

Start small and grow as needed. Switch between plans anytime as your needs change.

No minimum contracts, no sign-up fees, no cancellation fees and no Credit Card required. We will always have a free plan, all you need is an email address.


Free (Forever!)

For Development

  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Users
  • Complete REST API
  • 500,000 API calls/month
  • 64MB data storage

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For Busy Apps

  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Users
  • Complete REST API
  • 1 Million API calls/month
  • 1GB data storage

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For Business

  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Users
  • Complete REST API
  • 10 Million API calls/month
  • 5GB data storage

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All plans get access to the same great features!

We’re always adding new features to the BinaryOps Dashboard and extending the capabilities of the API. Submit your must-have feature ideas, vote for your favourites or suggest a KB or blog post idea on our Support page.

  •  RESTful API
  •  Built-in Authentication
  •  Datatype Validation
  •  Replicated Database
  •  CORS Headers
  •  Automatic Scaling
  •  Detailed Logging
  •  No Contracts
  •  No Risk Trial
  •  SSL Secured
  •  API Documentation
  •  Team Development
  •  Nothing to Install
  •  JSON & CSV Export
  •  JSON data API
  •  Simple Analytics

Core API Roadmap

We are working hard to make more awesome. Add your must have features to the list! Use the green question mark at the bottom of the page to fire the feature request our way!

User Management

  •  User Administation
  •  Role and Group authorization
  •  Authentication
  •  Multiple device sessions
  •  Anonymous access
  •  Social Registration


  •  Data Entities
  •  CRUD Operations
  •  Complex queries
  •  Entity Relationships

    Geo Operations

File Storage


    File Upload/Download

    File Search

    Media Streaming



    Push Notification