Hybrid Apps and Web Applications

Deploy to the cloud faster and easier than ever before!

The BinaryOps.io platform that lets you define the Backend for your app and turn it into full-featured cloud-hosted REST API instantly. BinaryOps backends are powerful solutions for:

App Development Agencies

All your clients in the same account

The BinaryOps backend is designed to work with multiple clients in one account, allowing you to gain economies of scale while providing excellent service to your clients.

Internal Software Departments

Instantly deploy software in the cloud

Our data upload and download features help you get setup easily with the data you need in the cloud. Use the webhook and server side code features to automatically integrate your internal systems.

Saas Developers

Build your app and roll it out to all your customers

Every Backend API on the BinaryOps service has multi-tencancy built in. When you sell your app to another client, you just create a new tenant in the dashboard. The tenant get's the same API, but has it's own users and data.
It's all done, right from the start.

Enterprise IT

Cloud integration is easier with BinaryOps

Data and Systems integration is easier, with a BinaryOps backend, without needing a complete new skillset in-house. See our blog for more details on this subject.


Be lean and quickly interate on your idea

For startups it is important to be able to collect feedback, pivot and iterate. That requires a backend for your app that is as nimble as you are, while keeping costs down. Use BinaryOps for your next big idea!


Show the world what you can achieve in a weekend!!

Easily add a large group of developers to your account. Give them access to their own API, and revision management. Let them make magic!

Use Cases

You can use a BinaryOps backend in many different ways!


IoT Data collection

All the devices access the API

Collect all that data in a central point, trigger server side code and webhooks as needed. You can aggregate and publish the data in a dashboard or mobile application.


Get something up and running at no cost!

Quickly create new revisions or even try multiple versions side by side.

Data Publishing

Deliver your data in exactly the right format.

Create a secure API that you can use to populate with the data you need to share. Setup the security so that only reading data is allowed publicly and anonymously. Deliver the data in machine readable formats to allow your audience to work with it.

Complex Mobile apps

The sky is the limit!

Using comple queries, social logins, group based security, webhooks and serverside code. There is no limit to what you can build using a BinaryOps backend.

Dynamic web content

Cheap and easy web hosting

Just static web hosting will do when your dynamic content comes from a BinaryOps backend. Deliver all the features and content without the cost and complexity of hosting your own database and server side functionality.

CMS Plugin Development

Collecting and Sharing data from a Wordpress Plugin?

The BinaryOps APIs are completely setup with CORS headers, so they can be used from any domain. Stand out from the competition and build those extra features, that can't be done using that local MySQL database on it's own.

Tame the Spreadhseets!

Easy upload and Download

Create the API using the spreadsheet upload feature in the Dashboard. Easily secure and share access to your data. Leverage everything the cloud has to offer, using the data you already have!

Custom analytics

Track any interaction with any data element available.

Setup your own API to collect exactly the data you need from your front-ends, devices and applications. Extract the data and get the answers you can't get anywhere else.